This website takes no responsibility & holds no liability for the occurrence or outcome of any cognitive process that may occur while perceiving this website through the interpretation of sensory information in ANY form. This is because this website is a website and is not itself capable of 'taking' anything in the literal sense... Except ages... TO LOAD! But, I'm sure you have broadband... Well... not 'sure' in the literal sense... It's more of a figurative sense. A figure of speech, if you will. I'm not exactly sure which category of figure of speech it is, though. No, wait! It's Hyperbole. The figure of speech in which statements are exaggerated. You see, it's clearly an exaggeration that I am 'sure' that you have broadband. I mean, c'mon... It's totally preposterous to think that I, the website author known hereafter as 'Webby McWebweb' could be certain that you have broadband, nor could be uncertain that you have narrowband. JUST KIDDING! What I just said is totally  whack because narrowband is the opposite of wideband, not broadband. Hurrah! I hereby proclaim that this is the first time "Totally whack!" has been said on the internet! No, really... Google it! But not yet, because I'm not done proclaiming yet... I'd also like to proclaim that it's henceforth opposite day!

What the hell is with opposite day, anyway? Kids stating that it's opposite day is bullshit because if all statements on opposite day are false then that means starting the game by saying "it's opposite day!" is a false load of sheit. So technically they have to say "It's not opposite day today!". But that's just stupid. "No sheit it's not opposite day today.. How the hell did you get out of the dungeon?" Stupid kids. The only real way around this is to proclaim henceforth that it's opposite day. That way their is no paradox! Did you know that 19th Century Democratic Congressman Alexander Kerr Craig is credited with inventing opposite day? I sure as hell didn't... In fact, I wish I still didn't. I mean way-to-fucking go Archimedes! Your invention has really transcended human achievement. I'm sorry that was out of line... He was a pretty good bloke...

I Hope all this proclaiming hasn't taken the focus off of the disclaiming. I can assure you that the proclamations were absolutely necessary in order for you to pass the test... You see, if you are reading this then you have indeed passed the robot test. Truth-be-told I started freaking-the-fuck out when I realised that my disclaimer did not cover any liability or the responsibility incurred when a robot visits this website. I mean what-the-shit am I meant to do if C3PO or Optimus fucking Prime gets on this website and starts clicking shit with their robotic appendages and decides to commence litigation. After all robots are not capable of cognitive process at all... What's that? Cybernetics? How about Cyber shut-the-fuck-up? The point is that robots, when attempting to compute the paradox of opposite days would inevitably start twitching, sparking and/or attempting to lower themselves into pools of molten metal.